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I am an accountant and financial analyst by profession, but as much as I enjoy numbers, they can, well, get numbing. Since I’m not fond of frozen-brain mode, I have always found ways to be creative. In business that was fulfilled by helping in the growth, development or startup of many different kinds of enterprises.

That creative spirit extended to my leisure activities where I pursued such things as pottery, needlepoint, gardening, and well just about anything that is creative.

My professional background also refined my skills as a perpetual researcher. When I was young and asked my mother questions, she would send me to the library. I loved the hunt for new ideas, new ways of thinking. Through that hunt I developed a deep love of philosophy, religion, history, archaeology and anthropology. What is learned should be shared so I have been a teacher and occasional speaker. For many years my husband encouraged me to share all the collected bits through writing. My first book was, somewhat ironically, the story of our first year of learning to live with his dementia. Now, with the recent publication of Redefining Job and the Conundrum of Suffering, the author journey has truly begun. Publication news and links are on a dedicated page.

Come join me on my adventures and share a few of your own.

Shi Shi Beach, Washington State

In December of 1988 I wrote a poem to go with a Christmas present to a couple who had become quite precious to me. It is the cornerstone of my research and my approach to the world. I truly believe that there are things beyond our imagination that we, as the human species, have forgotten. Things buried in our legends and sacred texts. Yet, there is more. As we reach for the stars in our minds, if not yet physically, we discover more of the wonderful, awe inspiring creation machine in which we live.

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