The Seeker

A work in progress. YA Epic Fiction

One of the things you discover as an author is that, on occasion, you can say ever so much more when you say it in a story. To quote Philip Pullman, “Once upon a time lasts forever.” This is why I have chosen to explore the world of fiction, of storytelling by the fire. I’d like to introduce you to a rather intrepid and sometimes snarky young woman who embarks on a journey of discovery.

First you must know that I am haunted by the heritage of my Ramani grandmother. Consequently, I seek the healer, the herb maker, and the keeper of legends in whatever culture or faith tradition they may be found. Through the eyes of these practitioners, I explore the fuzzy-sharp edge between legend and life, between ritual and spirituality.

As noted elsewhere on this site, I also have a deep love of anthropology, archaeology, and history which helps me tell stories that challenge our preconceptions of the world. I am a firm believer that in our rush to explore and develop the world, we have drowned out the wisdom of our ancestors. If only for a moment, I hope to open a window into the what-might-be.

The story of my Dolma takes place in a world inspired by tribal life in the eastern Himalayas around 500 BCE. This was a time when the ancient practices of animism were being influenced by the traveling monks spreading the teachings of a prince-turned-priest known as Buddha.

Dolma is skeptical of her people’s traditions and she views the dances and rituals of the Shaman as theater with little power to change the course of a person’s life. This is a young woman that wants to know how things really work. In her search she finds and explores that “fuzzy-sharp edge.”

There is also intrigue generated by a stirring rebellion among the clans that occupy the high mountain valleys. In part, the people have lost the roots of their rituals, of their history, and they have become more easily manipulated. Dolma discovers that her family, and her talents, may be key to resolving the conflicts.

I am currently seeking representation for this project. The first book is completed and there is a good start on the next few volumes. Updates will be added as the journey continues.

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