Welcome to the Alcove

This is the official website/blog of Victoria Adams, a published author.  This corner of the universe was created as a “window seat” where we can talk about the books and subjects that we find of interest.  The primary interests here are Caregiving Backstage (because I was one), Humanities for the Unbound Mind (because I love all related subjects), and Natural Science from the Observation Deck (because I am an amateur Natural Scientist whose heroes spend a lot of time thinking). It is the type of place where you can imagine grabbing a cup of tea, a comfy thing to sit or sprawl on and a warm place in the sun (or a quiet place to listen to the rain).  It is a place where we will explore the world of the word together. It is a place of where the hunt for new ideas and the revising of old ones begins. It is a place to find wonder.

We are currently under construction, so bear with us as we pack and move from the old familiar site at

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