Originally published October 27, 2012

Welcome to the blog-hop, a lovely way to learn about each other and to expand the reach of the Facebook Group, Where Writers and Authors Meet. The torch was passed to me by Rachel McMahon. You can find her interview here.  Lovely lady, lovely blog, I highly recommend the visit.

The rules for our game can be found here at our extension website. Anyone can join as long as you include at least one author from our group. A list of potential victims is kept at the site, or you can contact someone directly you know in the group. Maybe we should pester some of our sleepers and get them involved! Basically you answer the questions that have been passed to you (10) and then you write 10 questions to pass on to your selected victim!  Oops, interviewee. I think some of these are going to grow into favorites.

These are the questions Rachel asked of me:

1.      Do you have a writing schedule that you try to conform to, or do you write whenever and wherever you can?

I wish I had a schedule. I am a schedule person, I’m an accountant by profession and I live by deadlines. However I haven’t quite rearranged my life in such a way that my writing is nestled in a particular time slot. Working on it, I really am. I do have an office that is nicely organized and rather comfy. I am surrounded by books.

2.      What’s your favorite thing you’ve written, and why?

Strange as it may seem a little four-line poem that can be found on my About page and graces the banner of my Facebook page. It says a great deal about my quest for knowledge and my belief that there is more to the world (universe), past, present and future, than we have yet dreamed, or that we remember. (Now you have to go look. I’ll wait).

3.      I use music to help me write. Do you do that, and if so, what is your method?

I love music – all kinds of music. However, to avoid typing the lyrics I tend to instrumentals when I am focused on writing; vocals when I’m doing numbers. I don’t usually listen during the day since I keep an ear out for my husband; but once he’s in bed it’s headphones and Yanni.

4.      What was your favorite book as a child, and what is it now?

Oh, dear. This one is quite painful. Those who know me know that my husband and I have a huge private library. This is like picking a favorite child. I grew up with Heinlein, Clarke and Asimov. I do remember having books of fairy tales that I would read out loud to our cat. She was always impressed since her name was Princess. Now it’s even more difficult to choose. Other than always having some form of scripture around I would have to choose Lost Horizon. The very thought of a place hidden away somewhere in the world where knowledge is king is somehow my vision of heaven on earth.

5.      What is your current work in progress?

I am actually working on a book entitled, “Why Me? Come Let Us Reason with Job.”  [NOTE: this title was recently published as Redefining Job and the Conundrum of Suffering.] It is part of the work my husband wanted to see me publish. I am finding it rather refreshing to revisit some of my stored up notes and thoughts and see how they have changed and matured. The subject gives me an opportunity to discuss my own philosophy and the more pragmatic side of life. I hope to help the reader better understand and deal with problems in his or her own life and those of others. I’m actually having a great time getting it all organized in a cohesive and easily read format.

6.      What is your biggest challenge in writing?

Time. I love to read, I truly love to get my thoughts into little black pixels on a screen. I love my subjects. I am in heaven when I’m researching. I want more time.

7.      Do you write only nonfiction?

At this point, yes. There may come a time when I am prepared to be a pure storyteller, but not quite yet. I still have piles of notes on historical, scientific and philosophical subjects to wade through. Of course, in order to reach and hold an audience, we must all be a storyteller of one type or other.

8.      When did you first decide you wanted to be a writer, and what influenced you most?

I have dabbled with writing for years and have published an article or two. Many years ago I prepared something of an historical commentary to scripture that was well received by its limited audience. It was some of that text that caused my husband to encourage me to write for publication. Not all of my work, however, is based on religious topics. Of all the people who have influenced me, my husband would be the star of the show. His background was primarily in mathematics, physics and philosophy. We spent hundreds of hours tossing ideas back and forth, exploring the relationship between the sciences and human thought, philosophy and history – I fell in love with his undying sense of wonder. After the publication of my first book, a story of my learning to cope with his dementia, I felt compelled to do what he had always encouraged me to do:  write AND publish.

9.      Do you let your manuscript rest for a while after the first draft, or do you jump right into revisions?

I am constantly revising. I have told many of my writing friends that I look at a book as a sculpture of sorts and I truly believe that. As it starts to take form I find things better said in a different order or more clearly understood if placed in contrast to another concept. Remember I don’t really have a “plot” per se, I have a concept that I wish to convey with some reliable sources for further understanding. Yes, I start with an outline, but I move those pieces around and reshape them as the full picture presents itself. I think once I have a complete draft I let it sit for awhile before revisiting.

10.  And your random question…What is your favorite coffee drink? If you don’t drink coffee, which, quite frankly, would startle me, then use this space to mock those of us who can’t write without it.

Swiss mocha. Without a doubt. Although I don’t get it very often. I’m usually drinking whatever happens to be on sale. I was practically weaned on coffee so it doesn’t really help keep me awake. I try to switch to tea sometime during the afternoon but that doesn’t always happen. I do, though, have to have something at my elbow while I contemplate the screen.

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