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I have a friend on Facebook who always delights me with the bits and pieces she finds that relate to the visual and performing arts and all facets of history. I have learned much from the results of her gleaning and it prompted me to ask her if she had a blog. “No? No blog? Oh, dear. Well, would you like to guest star on mine?” I am sure it will not take her long to outgrow a position as a contributing author, but while we have her to ourselves let us enjoy some of the gems she finds in that vast ocean of information we call the Internet. Here, then, is Lenora Rogers.


Each bit of history I find only entices me to learn more. I want to learn more about the place and the people.  What was it like during periods of history I am familiar with in other areas? For this project I decided to find out more about the film, Adormidera.

The film will be of special interest to those who love history or movies about battles. It was actually filmed without a budget. During my conversations with the cast I have learned of the beauty of Malta and I have learned something of its history. Even though I am a fan of medieval history and themes, most of that information is centered on the main European continent. Malta, a small island off the southern tip of Italy, has its own unique history within the context of the times.


Watching the aspects of this movie come together has taught me much and made me eager to learn more. I am looking forward to catching the reviews once the film is released and hope that it will be shown in the US. I know that I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the cast. These are the questions I asked of Ray Mizzi.

What is this film about? 

Adormidera is about five medieval soldiers returning home after a great battle. On their journey home, they stop to rest for one night at Lord William’s fort. While being there, one of the soldiers fell in love with one of the fort’s ladies. This had changed all involved destiny.


Who did the research to make this look authentic?

By the help of both Maltese re-enactment groups, Show of Arms and Anakron, this helped to get close to the medieval era.


Where did you find the costumes?

Most of the costumes are of same two re-enactment groups and some were made just for the movie.

What kind of budget did you have to work with?

There was no budget at all. All involved, cast and crew worked on this project with passion and pleasure.


Who did the set design? How did they decide what to use in a scene?

The set design was done by Kevin Mallia.  All sets were in my imagination.  I just showed Kevin what I wanted and he did the design.

Where did you find the props for this film?

All weapons were provided by the re-enactment groups and all other domestic props are property of The Malta Film Commission.


How did you choose the actors?

All actors were of both re-enactment groups and the main actors I chose myself.

Are the actors full time or do they have other careers?

All actors have other careers cause here in Malta it is very difficult to live with just acting.

Did you use the locals for extras?

All extras are local.

In a lot of the photos I saw, everyone seems to be having a great time. Did everyone get along?

Most of the time it was great fun for all, cause as I said before this film was done with pleasure and not for money.


Were the costumes uncomfortable for everyone?

Most of the costumes are made of iron and are very heavy. When we spend a lot of time filming, we have to take breaks for the soldiers to rest and get their strength back.

Why did you choose to do this film?

This is my favorite era and I chose to do this, because it gives more power to the story than just a normal present day life.

When is this film due for release? Will it be showing in the United States?

Adormidera will be in Malta’s cinemas by the end of this year. Till now I do not know if it will be released abroad.  If in Malta it does well, than I will consider of releasing in other countries.

Do you have other projects in the works in the near future?

No, I gave all my strength and thoughts to this movie. When all is over, I’ll begin thinking of another movie. Maybe next time…. a horror. 

Ray Mizzi , it has been an absolute pleasure doing this and I wish the film great success.  Thank you for taking the time to do this for me!

And thank you, Lenora!  Here are few places to check out this “indie film” and see what progress they are making.  On Facebook there are photos from the film and the shooting.  A trailer has been added to YouTube.  Stop by and check out what it takes to make history “walk off the page.”

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