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To be a Giver of Flight

I recently entered a poetry contest sponsored by a writers’ group of Facebook. The group has over 117,000 members, although I have no idea how many write poetry or how many submitted to the contest. The bit that has lit up my day is one of my pieces took third place.

The judges were quite complementary, creating near poetry in their assessment:

Beautifully constructed, crafted, and paced with the gentleness of velvet. Like an oasis of life in a barren desert. A lovely poem to consider and think upon

Here, then, is the poem:

To be a giver of flight

Fuel the puff that lifts the wing

To loose the cords

That bind the imagination

And watch the creature

Thus inspired

Grow before your very eyes.

A taste of pride

That must have been

Endured by gods of old

And yet a deep humility

To understand

What small and timely

Gifts of self

A word, a thought,

A helping hand

Can spur a destiny.

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